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We develop solutions for the energy transition

Our vision: Local energy supply. Simple, fast and everywhere.

For the greatest challenge of our time, we need competitive solutions that can be realistically implemented by everyone. Our software measurably advances the energy transition. Customer plants in the tenant power model as decentralized, semi-autonomous energy systems show that sustainability is compatible with economic efficiency. This is how we are shaping an energy transition that benefits everyone.


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By 2030, we aim to make decentralized energy supply the norm and help reduce carbon emissions from real estate by 1 million tons/year.

Why we founded Solarize

Whether Berlin, London or New York - many major cities present a sad picture with regard to the energy transition. Although the cost of locally produced electricity is usually lower than the cost of grid electricity, only a fraction of commercial and residential rooftops are still equipped with solar panels. In 2019, our founder Frederik Pfisterer asked the question, "Why?"

After a short research, it was clear: multi-party properties have been excluded from local energy generation in the past, as allocating consumption to tenants is an unsolved problem. Most plants on such sites have therefore been connected to the grid as full feeders up to now. This means that the electricity generated is first fed into the public grid and then bought back at a high cost in the form of grid fees - this is not, of course, what decentralization is all about.

The idea for Solarize was born. Solarize offers a highly scalable electricity billing system that enables the optimization of on-site energy allocation based on thousands of smart meter load profiles. It now makes it easy to generate, distribute and bill for electricity on site.

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Sustainable business management for less CO2

We are passionate pioneers of the energy transition and strive for comprehensive sustainability at all levels. To avoid emissions as much as possible, we have integrated sustainable practices into all our business processes. We rely on renewable energies, recyclable materials and resource-saving processes. Thanks to this commitment, we succeeded in reducing our carbon footprint to just one ton per employee in 2022.

To offset unavoidable emissions, we support a Gold Standard-certified project in Panama dedicated to the reforestation of mixed forests, cocoa cultivation, sustainable timber production, and the protection of biodiversity and restoration of the forest ecosystem.

Our Team

Our Founders


Frederik Pfisterer

CEO & Co-Founder


Florian Feigenbutz

Software Engineer & Co-Founder


Andi Weiß 

Software Engineer & Co-Founder

Our Project-Team


Lukas Böhm

Lead Project Management 


Christian Drotleff

Project Lead


Coco Spreen

Project Lead

Lukas Russ Solarize

Lukas Russ

Project Lead

Sales & Marketing

Mirco-Haerer Solarize-2x

Mirco Haerer

Account Executive


Jonas König

Account Executive


Anna Gruner

Marketing Manager

Our Development Team 


Tim Strehlow

Software Engineer


Anton Musichin

Software Engineer


Gero Bader

Software Engineer


Leonard Stutzer

Software Engineer

Accounting and Controlling


Firdese Svarqa


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Shape the energy transition with us!

Whether as a partner or team member, we are happy to work with people who share the same goals as we do.